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Certified Backflow Prevention Services in York Region & the GTA

What is Backflow?

“Backflow” describes the unwanted reversal of the direction of flowing water. It is usually caused as a result of back pressure, which occurs when the pressure in a private water system is greater than the pressure in the municipal water system, or back siphonage, a problem caused by negative pressure in a water supply system that allows contaminated water to enter a potable water supply.

The Toronto Backflow Prevention Program

S and J Plumbing Services is a registered provider of the City of Toronto’s Backflow Prevention Program, which works to ensure compliance with the Water Supply By-Laws and protection for the municipal water supply.

Protection for Home or Business

Backflow Prevention Programs provide protection for your home or business, your family or employees and everyone in your community. Learn more about how you can guard against backflow when you call the certified professionals at S and J Plumbing Services.

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